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We can help you with Ltd Company Startup, Self Employment and Umbrella Working.


Why join Wise Move?

  • Be sure you meet 100% of the legal requirements on time
  • Eliminate the need for accountancy services
  • Super-easy administration via our on-line portal
  • £2m professional indemnity insurance, free
  • Easy in, easy out

Which setup is Right for You?

Limited Company Startup

Provided your work passes HMRC's self-employment tests, you'll pay less tax if you incorporate a company.

If you have a family member, usually a spouse, who is in a lower tax band, it will usually help if he or she becomes a shareholder in your new business.

Our super-easy portal will help you make a Wise Move and get your company started.

Contact us for details and to discuss your personal circumstances.

Self Employment

In most cases, you'll be better off starting up a company.

However, if you're disqualified as a director, or have particular reasons to want to be self-employed, our super-easy portal will help you make a Wise Move and get properly set up in self-employment.

Contact us to learn how we can simplify your administration.

Umbrella Working

Umbrella working is the simplest and easiest option, especially for those new to consulting who are unsure if they want to make a career from it.

You'll become our employee, and we’ll ensure you comply with the law whilst maximising your ability to offset costs against your employment income, thus keeping your tax bill low.

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